There are stylistics in which name, the idea of style is perfectly reflected. It is complex romanticism.

APPEARANCE. To describe the faces of complex romantics not easy. This style cannot be determined by any single signs. It is set of details of which there is general impression.

Features of complex romantics have the fluid and smooth lines which are often extended. Eyes unusual languishing, in a look something unearthly, fascinating. In the person the asymmetry often meets.

 EMOTIONS. The complex romantic Рcan be mysterious, distinguished, aristocratical and mystical.

The complex romantic is not so frank as he dramatic, is not so laconic as the classic, is not open as a natural type, and is deprived of playfulness and coquetry as the naive romantic. It is a complex, ambiguous type.

STYLISH IMAGE. In clothes, it is fine to representatives of complex romanticism to emphasize the stylistics by means of plastic textures, the extended forms, a complex cut, a distinguished decor, and graceful jewelry.