Drama! When it enters the room – all eyes are fixed towards it, and it happens by itself, it does not make any efforts.

APPEARANCE. Drama queen, it is first of all very noticeable person. The visibility can be quite different – from the bright beauty to very non-standard appearance. She wants to be considered; this appearance is remembered. 

EMOTIONS. From this woman force and energy, shock value and theatricality proceeds. You feel a call and provocation, sexuality and demonstrativeness, probably, roughness and assertiveness.

STYLISH IMAGE. To support her natural reality and identity, her clothes have to correspond and reflect its inner world, support natural desire to stand out from the crowd. The dramatic woman always looks dressed up more, than others, she is not able to put on modestly. It is too complex for her. And what is characteristic, there will never be a feeling that she is dressed “too, too”.